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Why choose a wrap-around carrier?

Wraps are ergonomically correct!  Because the fabric is spread around baby's entire hips, back and shoulders, baby is fully supported in a seated position, not hanging with legs dangling.  This encourages proper spine and hip development and is more comfortable for you and your baby.

Wraps are designed with mama's comfort in mind!  Wrap-around carriers distribute much of baby's weight to mama's hips and the wide fabric allows for even weight distribution across the entire back and shoulders.

Wraps are extremely versatile!  With over 15 documented carrying positions, wraps are by far the most versatile of all carriers, allowing you to carry baby on your front, back and hip in a myriad of ways.

Wraps are long-lived!  Use your wrap from baby's first day of life to pre-school! And when baby is too big to be carried, your wrap can be used as a picnic blanket, a scarf, a table runner, a child's hammock, or my son's favorite--a turban!  You are only limited by your imagination.
Wraps are feeding-friendly!  The design allows for discreet breast-feeding in many positions.

Wrap-around carriers make great gifts!  They are practical, unique, stylish, and a gift to both mama and baby.  Not only will you be the hit of the party, but you'll give Mama the tool she needs to get on with life in comfort and style while encouraging Baby's mental and emotional growth.